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So, What is Boston WomenPreneurs?

Empowering women entrepreneurs in Boston/Cambridge through events & opportunities to bring ideas to company formation & execution. This blog spotlights a community of women entrepreneurs- both up and coming WomenPreneurs as well as established women CEO’s.  Boston WomenPreneurs will also have events where women can come together to learn about the work of fellow entrepreneurs through advice, interviews and experiences ...

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Sales Coaching: Example of How to Leave a Voicemail that Will Get Noticed

Each day as an inside sales rep you have certain “things” that you could do to optimize your chance of someone answering, someone calling you back or someone emailing you back that somehow found interest in what you said. I really do think of prospecting as a game. BUT- there are ways for you to optmize your chance of the calls that ...

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Timing In Outbound Sales: It’s either Timely or it Isn’t

If you are in an outbound sales job where you are dialing daily to find prospects that could have potential need for your products or services you need to think about timing. Timing in your role is everything. Why? 1. If you reach someone at the right time they will be more likely to want to meet with you. Reaching ...

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5 Tips for Staying motivated and Hitting Your Monthly Sales Quota

So I have been thinking a lot about how to keep motivated lately. Being in sales is fun. You own your own career completley. Tips on how to stay motivated throughout the whole month: 1. You never know what is going to happen. Just the other day I had a one call close. It can happen! Don’t slow down because ...

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A Reminder for Women, Not Just Young Girls Who Play with Barbie: YOU CAN BE ANYTHING

You have probably already seen this video from a Barbie advertisement. But, if you have not watch this and then tell me what you think about it! I love this video. I saw it over the weekend and almost cried. Ya, I know I am an emotional person especially when it has to do with us becoming more correct in the way ...

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Let’s Put an End to “30 Under 30 Lists” and Recognize what is to come in your 30s as a Woman in Tech

I read an article today about how the lists that the tech world put out like “30 under 30”, top bla bla bla under bla, etc. are really really wrong. We should stop doing them. The author of that post from Huffington Post, Carolyn Gregoire writes about some things that I want to think more about and talk about here. All these lists focus ...

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