5 Tips for Staying motivated and Hitting Your Monthly Sales Quota

So I have been thinking a lot about how to keep motivated lately.

Being in sales is fun. You own your own career completley.

Tips on how to stay motivated throughout the whole month:

1. You never know what is going to happen. Just the other day I had a one call close. It can happen! Don’t slow down because you never know if you are going to get that prospect on the phone who can buy right then and there because the timing is perfect.

2. Do smart work. What I mean by that is you could go a whole day just going through your leads and calling them all but what good is that going to do. What I suggest is to pick 20 leads a week that you want to, have to connect with because you know they are awesome. Write them down and as you connect with them cross them off. Make goals that you know you can keep and work towards them one day at a time.

3. Money. Hey everyone in sales for the most part loves money. They want more of it. Think about this when you don’t feel like things are going the best or that you don’t want to work harder. Remember that there is more money out there to be made and it is up to you to go get it. Work harder for the sake of making more money and hitting your personal goals.

4. Team work. If you work with junior sales reps or have a small sales team that does joint calls- think about those people. Think about what it looks like if you aren’t trying your best. They look up to you and want to see you working hard. If you work hard they will work hard with you.

5. If you source your own leads and cold call do it smart. Don’t just source to source. Most people have sourcing goals. At HubSpot on my team we source 10 leads a day on the outbound team. Have a goal, stick to it and do it! Don’t source leads that are bad or don’t look like good fits for your products or services. Why would you call leads that you don’t even want to sell to or know wouldn’t be a good fit. An example of this to give you some context would be at HubSpot we sell marketing software that helps with lead generation. The types of leads that I like to source are companies that have a niche business model because I know they can utilize inbound marketing. They are companies that have a marketing team or marketing director because they are typically good fits. Companies that have had press releases lately saying that they have lead goals or revenue goals for the year. Think about what makes a good fit for your business and try to find those. This is the key to your success.

What do you think motivates you? How do you stay motivated throughout the month?

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