10 Things to Get Your Confidence Level Up in the Sales Process

1. You are smart and you know what you are talking about. Be confident in that and respect yourself because you do know a lot. If you don’t know something ask for help and be direct and open that you don’t know...
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How to do Really, Really Useful and Valuable Research on your Leads in the Sales Process

Every sales rep should be doing research on their leads. When you get an inbound lead, when you source a lead, when you get a lead through a trade show or event…I don’t think it matters where it is from but you should be noting certain things...
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Sales Coaching: Example of How to Leave a Voicemail that Will Get Noticed

Each day as an inside sales rep you have certain “things” that you could do to optimize your chance of someone answering, someone calling you back or someone emailing you back that somehow found interest in what you said...
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Everyone says “We need more women in tech”… I say We need more women to know that they want to be in tech

When I first graduated college I spent the summer in Nantucket working as a nanny and selling belts to people on vacation. I graduated from a small, private liberal arts school in Florida. I have a degree in International Business from...
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A Call for Women in Tech to Help Change the Stigma of What it is like to work as women in tech- From the Inside of our Companies Out.

Women hold only one quarter of all IT jobs. I read this yesterday in a post about the importance of getting more women in tech. This article was posted in the NY Times and was ...
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Lessons Learned about Women in Computer Science from the SHE ++ Documentary: Why We as a World Need More Women in Tech and How to Solve this Problem.

While looking through my stream of “women in tech” keyword sets on Twitter I came across this great video about how and why we need more women in tech. They take a stance that ...
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A Few of My Favorite Inbound Marketing Concepts Explained with Pictures

Inbound marketing takes content. There is no way around it. If you want to improve your web presence and you want to use your website as a way to generate inbound traffic and leads then you have to create content...
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Inbound Marketing 101: Dare You to Grow Your Startup Organically

As an early stage startup with a small budget (friends and family) you should be thinking about how to grow your newly formed company organically. There are two ways that you are going to convert visitors on your website into...
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Startup Marketing: Building out a Sustainable Marketing Funnel From the Start

Startups are busy. The people who work at an early stage startup and even a later stage “startup” have a couple things in common. Startups care about ...
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