Timing In Outbound Sales: It’s either Timely or it Isn’t

If you are in an outbound sales job where you are dialing daily to find prospects that could have potential need for your products or services you need to think about timing. Timing in your role is everything.


1. If you reach someone at the right time they will be more likely to want to meet with you. Reaching someone where it is timely will help you move the deal along.

2. If you reach someone and they are open to talking to and learning but timing is not there and you don’t acknowledge that…you will spend your time spinning your wheels over someone that will not buy.

Don’t let yourself get caught spinning your wheels on the idea of a good prospect on paper. There are alot of reps who will keep working a lead or company just because on paper they are a good fit. For example at HubSpot a good fit for us is usually a company that has a need for leads, wants to create process for marketing, is B2B, has a niche business model and has a marketing team/marketer.

There are also good fits for HubSpot on paper. This could be a B2B company with a Marketer that has downloaded a guide to inbound marketing and looks like they are using their site for lead generation and marketing. BUT- during an exploratory call you realize they actually have no want to use software for marketing, they don’t have budget right now. BUT- you continue to work them because you think they are a great fit on paper. MOVE ON! You will spend your time spinning your wheels week after week helping them. They will never buy.

What you should do instead is go after companies that lead you to believe this is timely. Think about what makes using your products or services timely. Do they have a need for your product NOW or in the near future? Are there press releases or news articles leading you to believe they might need help with something you solve for? Mark these leads as high and approach them in a helpful way. Don’t puke product on them, consult them and ask them what they are facing. How can you help them with their current goals and give them examples of how they might do this with your methodology for your product.

Timing is everything. What are your strategies for going after companies where timing might be on?

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