Boston WomenPreneurs Partners with Women2.0 for Founder Friday BOSTON!

Our goal here at Boston WomenPreneurs is to create an over-arching social network (not FaceBook, unlike LinkedIn, not Twitter, not any of those) that will be specific to women entrepreneurs. This online and offline community will allow women entrepreneurs to socialize and learn in a way that will help to create more businesses and startups. This goal is one that is a long way away but that we will not give up on this vision. Yes, there are versions of this idea out there for entrepreneurs but we know that women starting businesses need resources and a live community. WomenPreneurs are sprouting up all over Boston and we hope to encourage more over the next year.

Women are a huge majority of our population and we need to support them in every way possible to help them want to create companies and inspire them to think of great, disruptive ideas to turn into realities of companies.

Boston WomePreneurs cannot get there without partnerships and without extending the network out of just Boston. We are working to extend this network to an online world that will help WomenPreneurs thrive and expand their network through educational resources, access to other Women entrepreneurs, funding sources and established CEO’s who have found success.

To start off the fall right we have partnered with Women2.0 for Founder Friday on November 12th right before Boston Startup Weekend. Women2.0’s mission is to increase the number of female founders of technology startups, by enabling entrepreneurs with a network, resources and knowledge to take your startup from an idea to launch. 

WomenPreneurs is hoping that we can get a good mix of established women CEO’s here in Boston as well as budding entrepreneurs creating new companies at the Founder Friday dinner. The dinner will be taking place at Za Restaurant in Kendall Square and then the group will walk over to Startup Weekend at the Microsoft NERD center. 

Why Should You Join Us and Why Should You Sign Up NOW! 

1. There are only 20 spots available and they are going to fill up quickly.

2. If you are a WomenPreneur here in Boston- this is the event that you want to be at if you want to meet other like minded women pursueing business ventures in your community.

3. By supporting other women entrepreneurs you will gain access to their networks and in turn you will help to support many efforts of moving forward companies here in Boston.

4. You never know if your next co-founder or team member will be part of this dinner party or the over-arching WomenPreneurs network.

5. We will be having awesome conversation and one on one sessions so that everyone has the chance to speak at the dinner and continue to do so afterwards.

Connections that you make at Startup Weekend are ones that will carry throughout the rest of your startup career.

Sharing startup stories and visions is one of the best ways to expand your mind. By hearing from other women in similar situations you will think up even better ideas, even better tactics for your startup and will enable your startup to continue to grow. We realize that it is a single dinner but we hope to have more dinners and meetups like this one both online and offline as we move forward throughout the fall!  

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