There is value in being really, truly present in all steps of your sales process as a sales rep

I was checking facebook in between calls today and came across a video that was done by Lululemon on being present. It made me think about life as I live it which in some capacity includes my job as a sales person. So I started to think about how personally (outside of work) I can be more present in my life. But that is not what this blog is about so I am going to write about how you can be more present as a sales rep. The video got me thinking about how as a sales person we need to be present in all forms of communication you have with your prospects.

Being REALLY, truly present is hard. As a sales rep you are multi tasking always. Taking notes, thinking, listening, waiting, responding, showing, talking, asking questions, demoing, thinking, recapping, etc. The list could go on and on and on. You are doing a million things at once as a sales rep. The prospect or potential client will always be aware of this. We as human beings are naturally aware of those around us. You can feel when someone is truly present. When someone is truly listening to you and making sure they are taking in what you are saying and feeling. This is super important in sales where you need to earn trust of the person you are hoping to work with. Without being present it is very hard to gain trust. Without trust it is very hard to win a deal. 

If you want to be a good sales rep today you need to be really, truly present in all that you do during your sales process. That means everything from when you start reaching out to someone for the first time to that last phone call you have with someone when you know the deal is about to come in. All parts of the sales process are important. One of the first things I learned when I started in sales was  that each part counts. If you do one thing wrong or aren’t truly there for one part you might mess up the rest. All parts of the process matter and if you aren’t present you will miss something.

Because just like that that moment could be gone and you could have lost the person somewhere because you weren’t present. You weren’t present and for some reason you missed something along the way. So stay present and connnected in all parts of your sales process and you will have a more open, trusting prospect. When you get a more open, trusting prospect they are more likely to open up to you about their challenges they are facing. That will allow you to help them more and will see more success.

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