Lessons Learned From Shark Tank to Make a Great Sales Pitch for Your Business Idea.

What makes a good sales pitch? 

1. Enthusiasm. Make sure that you are naturally enthusiastic about what you are selling. If you can’t portray why you are doing what you are doing then you likely won’t get any where with your pitch.

2. Know what you are talking about. Be prepared to explain what you do and know how to talk about it. Do you actually know what you are talking about?

3. After the pitch you need to know what your plan is. Are you ready to work hard after the pitch?

4. Know your growth plans. What are your plans to grow your business?

5. Be able to talk about how you have grown your business so far. How have you grown your business so far?

6. Know why you started this thing in the first place. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the reward in it all?

7. Be emotional about what you are doing. If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing then why would someone else be passionate about it.

8. Generosity. Generous people are great entrepreneurs. People who actually are trying to change something because they care about something and are trying to help something you should win that pitch.

9. Capture the hearts of your audience. Be real, be human. If you show your real side you will come off as a real human being and that will show the people you are pitching to that you are a good person.

10. Stand your ground. But not in a cocky way. Make sure that you are standing your ground in a confident but not cocky way.


What makes a bad sales pitch?

  1. Confusion. You can’t be confused explaining your business model. If you are confused explaining your own business model, why would someone want to buy something from you?
  2. Stumbling through your pitch. Don’t do it. Practice makes perfect right?
  3. Being rude. If you are going to be rude to the people you are pitching then you are not going to get yourself off on a good note.
  4. Don’t insult people you are pitching.
  5. Listen to what the people you are pitching to have to say to you. They are trying to teach you something so you should listen up and hear what they have to say.
  6. Don’t be overconfident in yourself. Don’t be arrogant.
  7. Stubborn people. If you are stubborn and won’t budge on ideas that the people you are pitching to then you should stop.
  8. Don’t be a gold digger. Don’t do your pitch just for PR reasons.

Now if you want to even be able to pitch your idea to investors then you need to start working on your marketing. If you don’t have customers then how are you going to get an investment in your product?

Learn how to run inbound marketing campaigns with this simple checklist to help you structure and build out your marketing assets.

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