We are all Replaceable. Learn the Steps to Instill a Sense of Value in Your Employees by Setting Expectations that you Hold them to.

We are all replaceable. 

  • At any company that you go to regardless of your job title or your role, you are replaceable.
  • Everyone at your company has goals and responsibilities that they need to hit to keep their job. If you don’t hit them you should know that you could be replaced and that you could be fired.
  • You are there to do a job and if you don’t succeed at it you should either try harder, seek advice, or move on to something where you might be better at that job.
  • The time when you stop caring about these goals and these responsibilities that your employees need to meet as an organization is when you have done your company and your employees a disservice to the future of your company.
  • There are choices that managers must make to make sure that they hold their employees to these standards and to the guidelines set for that role. If they don’t meet those they should go on a plan, be given the right coaching and then if they fail at that plan, they should be let go.

This type of thing should happen without excuses, without fail and always. If you make exceptions to the policy then you are not helping to make sure that your employees know that they are valued for the work that they do. Your employees should know what they need to do to be successful in their role. That is your responsibility to make sure that they know what they need to do to be successful and what it means to not perform in the role as well. Both are very important in creating a culture of responsiblity and dedication.

If you don’t let those people go who do not succeed at the responsiblities of the job or role then you fostering a culture where no one knows what expectations they are held to. This will force your employees to feel devalued and not know if what they are doing is meeting expectations. They will have no idea if they are out performing peers, underperforming peers, etc. Then they will have no clue how to move up and how to do better than they are doing now. Help your employees know where they stand by setting clear expectations and keeping your word on them. 

If you set a culture up where you instill your employees to know why they are doing what they are doing and why their job matters then they will want to work hard, they will have commitment and they will have desire to do their best. In turn you will have a hard working group of people who are committed to the success of the company.

If you ask a sales person, a product person, a whatever person on your team why they do what they do everyday and why they wake up in the morning to work, and that answer is not consistent…I think there is a problem here that needs to be addressed from a management level to help these employees know why they are important and why they are valued.

All employees are replaceable. That is part of having a job. No job is forever. At least good jobs where you want to work at that company and you feel like you are making a difference should be replaceable or else what are you working for in the first place? 

The way that you can keep your employees motivated and feeling like they have a job to do which is replaceable is by setting the correct expectations and holding your team to them. Always hold your team to them.

If you do not hold your team accountable for those expectations and guidelines to the job then you will have a free for all that could at first seem like a good thing. No one needs to meet goals but then over time people will start to not know if they are valued. They won’t understand and they will start to think that they are not doing a good job, even if they are.

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