The Top 5 Reasons why the Ideal Workout for Sales Reps is Spinning

1. Just show up. 

Just like with work some days you think hey, wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in and not go into work today…Take some “me time” and not have to do any calls or meetings today? Same thing happens when you think about going to a spin class.  Sometimes you think you might not want to go but then you push yourself and you get there, you show up. When you get there you are ready to go and all you had to do was SHOW UP!  Once you show up, you can kick some butt similar to what it is like when you get to work and start your day. Same thing with being a sales person if you show up at work and do your job you will get farther towards your goals of hitting quota or whatever goal you are working towards. Same thing goes with spin, if you show up you will get closer to hitting your goals of weight loss, getting in shape, whatever it might be as to why you are working out.

2. It is only 45 minutes long, at the most a class could be 60 minutes long. Similarities to hitting quota? I think so…

I like knowing how long I have until I hit the end of the class. Same thing goes for my monthly quota. I like knowing how far I am into the month and hitting my goals or exceeding my goals. When you get to the spin class it might seem like a tough ride ahead and a climb that you don’t want to face. But, as you start spinning your wheels you start to get further and further, closer and closer to your end goal and the class being done. Same thing goes for your quota. You start each month off at zero. That feels like a climb you might not want to make again. But, something inside of you speaks up and you get motivated. You get moving and start to make that climb.  You start to climb your way up and as you get closer and closer to your quota, you start to feel amazing and you know why you put the work in.

3. Once you are done you have accomplished something and you feel better than when you started. 

You might be tired when you get there after a long day of work or even if you go in the morning before work you might wake up groggy and not feel like going. JUST GO! By the time those 45 minutes are over you are going to feel oh, so, so much better than you did when you walked into the studio. Some mornings when I go I start the class yawning but by the time that class is over I feel motivated and ready to rock. Ready to take on the day of meetings, prospecting and selling. Same goes for at night. If I go to a night class I sometimes leave work feeling exhausted from the day’s meetings and feel like I still have more work to do. Shouldn’t I just stay at work and finish things rather than going to a gym class? The answer is a simple NO. You should go because once you get there and “show up” you will be happy that you did. You will finish that night class having sweat out all the day’s stresses and you will feel refreshed when you are done. There are studies that show that working out helps with anxiety and stress. I can say that spinning does this for me. I feel less stressed after a day at work and a spin class than I do when I don’t go to spin. It helps you sweat out the day and the stresses of being a sales person.

4. Clear your mind, focus on you for a bit instead of the stresses of being a sales rep. 

Spinning is an amazing and awesome way for you to clear your mind. Quick story- the other night I left work and was in the midst of working on closing a deal. I felt like hey maybe I should just stay at work and finish answering the questions that my prospect had but instead I went to spin and let my mind clear. I used that class to free  myself of anything from the day. I asked myself to stop thinking about that deal, stop thinking about the answers I wanted to give him and how to move forward with the deal. Instead, I focused on myself and any thoughts I had of work I let go away. Spin time is you time. You have to stop thinking about work. Let that time just be for you. I promise you that when you leave that class you will have a refreshed look at what you were working on before you went to the class. You can head home from spin class and finish your work feeling refreshed and maybe have a new take on how you should answer some questions from a prospect you are working with. I think that me time helps you to look at things in a new light. Sometimes when you put your work down for a little bit it gives your brain time to re-think and re-look the situation. It allows you to have a new, fresh perspective on things.

5. Being committed to something feels good. 

I started working out seriously about a year ago now (it was around last thanksgiving). It took me a while to figure out what types of gym classes I really, really liked and could commit to. I knew what I wanted. I wanted something that I could commit to. I have now committed to spinning and going to Barry’s Bootcamp. Those 2 things together help me to be a better person both professionally and personally. Same goes for my career in sales. I finally found a class that gives me the ability to be committed to my health and building up my strength. I love spinning and have committed to it because of the way it makes me feel. I have committed to being a great sales rep because of the way that winning and hitting quota makes me feel too.

Spinning and being a sales rep seem to go really well together. I know when I thought of this blog post I was thinking hmmm does this make sense? Will people understand what I am saying here? I hope if you are a sales rep or if you see these kinds of qualities in yourself, then you will try spinning. Being a sales rep is stressful but worth it. Working out and finding your groove with a certain kind of work out is gratifying. As a sales person you like (or love) to win. These two together can make you a more committed person to yourself and to your job. Those 2 things working together will help you win professionally and personally.

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