How to do a More Human and Better Demo in the Sales Process: Mostly Meant for Software Companies…

1. Make the demo about their needs and their wants.

2. Don’t focus on what you want to do.

3. Ask your prospect or company that you are doing to what they would like to see and why.

4. Don’t forget your own agenda and your own goals of this part of the sales process but don’t let that over-ride what they want to do.

5. Remember that you are not in charge. The prospect is in charge. They need to see what they need to see.

6. Ask them what they would like to accomplish in the call and why.

7. Figure out if those things are similar or in line with what you had wanted to accomplish in the call as well. If they aren’t tell the prospect what you think about what they want to do. Give the prospect your opinions as to what you want to do on the call and see if they agree.

8. Ask questions about how the prospect would use certain tools in the software if they had access to it right now or today. Learn from those responses as to whether or not they are following what you have been teaching them.

9. If you don’t know an answer, don’t just answer with what you think the answer is. Tell them that you don’t know and will look it into it. Make sure you do (that day) and follow up with them quickly as to what the answers are. Ask them if they need more clarification on the phone or through another call where you can show them how to do that thing.

10. Know who your audience is and be respectful of everyone’s time they are spending with you. Get to the point and get things done in that call. Don’t talk a ton and listen to their comments so you can use critical thinking to respond in a way that helps you sell better.

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