To get #morewomenintech we need to talk about women currently working in roles in tech.

There are many kinds of roles that women can have in technology and startup companies. I have written a couple of blog posts about getting more women in tech #morewomenintech. 

I would love to expose more women who are not in tech now to what it means to work in tech as a woman.

There are so many blog posts and studies out there about getting more developers and engineers in tech but no one talks about all the other types of jobs that women can have in technology companies. 

My goal is to expose all types of jobs that women can have in tech and I want to highlight them on my blog and share with the hashtag #morewomenintech. 

Please share this with your friends in tech and startups, so together we can expose more women who don’t know that roles like ours exist in startups and technology companies. 


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