Start to Blog Before Launching Your Company

The best thing that you can do before you start your company is to create content that your potential and future customers will relate to and want to read about. Once you start to create these wonderful pieces and push them out through means of social media you will gain a following of people who will join you once you start your company. Each time I meet a fellow entrepreneur or womenpreneur they ask me what to start blogging about. I start by asking them a few questions:

1. Have you started to blog yet? If the answer is no, then I take it they aren’t serious about this company because one of the easiest things you can do is start creating some content for the audience that you are targeting.

2. Who are you writing for? Who are the people that are searching keywords to land on your site? What do you have to offer them in the first five minutes that they land there?

3. What is the gap that you are filling by starting this company and creating content for this group of people? 

Once you have covered these few questions, I usually have the person talking about their startup and what problems they are solving. This is just the type of content I am referring to. If you start to think about the idea of creating content in a more simplistic manner the ideas will begin to flow. Take a step back and think about why you are creating this company in the first place. The blog topics will stem from there.

  • What problem you are solving and for who?
  • What gaps are there in this area or industry now and how are you proposing to fix them?
  • What are 10 topics that come to the potential customer or reader’s mind when they search for your website? 
  • What are people talking about in your industry and how can you join in on the conversation?
  • Are you reading related blogs and commenting in appropriate and meaningful ways?

Blogging is allowing you to join the conversation and you are letting your target audience know why you are there. Join in on the conversations earlier than later. Once you start your own conversations, people will follow and will be there when you do launch your company. By creating conversations in the early stages you will set yourself away from your competition. You are not interrupting your potential customer’s life, you are adding to it.

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