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Women in Tech Spotlight Series: Luciana Vecchi, Senior Manager, Global Strategist at NetApp

Posted by Mar 7, 2014 9:52:51 AM Ali Powell

Luciana Vecchi is a Senior Manager, Globalization Strategist at NetApp. On her LinkedIn page she talks about how she has been in tech for 15 years focusing on evangelizing global development in many different industries ranging from retail, fashion and sports to technology and consumer products. Luciana-Vecchi_women_in_tech

Her top strengths include: 

  • ability to naturally come up with creative and innovative ideas
  • highly motivated
  • entrepreneurial 
  • passionate about building strong networking to connect the dots and solve problems

At NetApp this amazing #womanintech is responsible for globalization strategy influencing international revenue through addressing unique needs and end to end experience for the company's growth needs. 

When reading through Luciana's profile on Linkedin I thought it was awesome that she cares about empowering women. What a great fit for our spotlight on getting #MoreWomeninTech. Seemed like her experience in technology and her role needed to be exposed to women out there. She lives in Silicon Valley and works in Silicon Valley. It is great to hear from more women out there who are in tech. Please share her story and if you would like to submit your own story on why you are in tech as a woman please do so. 

The fast pace! The fact that I am working on things that affect people's lives in such a positive way.

Because diversity is key for greater results. Plus, we need more diversity on the executive level. And the more women we have in tech, the better our chances to achieve that.

This is a very dynamic, exciting and demanding role with long hours and great amount of pressure. Still, I love the fact that I am the ears and voice of international customers. We live and breath globalization everywhere we go. It is time for companies to realize and act upon that. I feel lucky to be part of this amazing awakening exercise inside US companies.

You can find Luciana on Twitter.

You can also find her LinkedIn


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