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How Sales Reps Can Use AngelList for Research and Setting Up Alerts for Trigger Events

Posted by Jul 16, 2015 12:40:00 PM Ali Powell

I got an email from AngelList Talent today (it was in my spam box). I deleted it and then quickly went back to my trash folder. 

SIDE NOTE: I am not currently looking for a job. I am very, very, very happy at HubSpot and actually quite love what I do here. BUT, I do want to know anything and everything I can about how recruiters and startups hire people. It helps me to think about the way they prospect as ways that I might be able to prospect as well. 

I am glad I clicked on that link...So this is what an AngelList Talent notification looks like in your inbox. 

I dug into this a bit more to see what this is all about. Reminded me of LinkedIn Inmails that I get from recruiters. With the AngelList Talent emails you can send a direct email back just by clicking reply. What happens from there is that it sends you both (the person who said they were interested in you) an email introducing each other with your notes. 

Here is what the intro on AngelList Talent looks like: 

So now you are emailing with that person directly. No guessing the email address or anything. Kind of cool. 

So my brain naturally starts going..."How can I use this in my process?" 

As of today the things that I was aware that I could do on Angel.co to find trigger events are:

  • Look up startups 
  • Look up companies hiring for certain types of jobs 
  • Follow companies 
  • Follow people 

Those are the only ones that I thought mattered. The game has changed...

Here are the different options that you have on Angel List to pick from. 

Screen_Shot_2015-07-16_at_12.29.50_PM-312725-edited.pngSo usually I wil click on Startups or Jobs section and start doing research in there. 

If you click on the startups section it will take you to a home dashboard with the trending startups. What is helpful for me since I work in a territory is to put in a search for towns that I sell into and types of companies that I typically want to work with. 

This is really cool because you can filter by town, size of company, type of funding or stage, etc. Here is an example of what that looks like too. 


You can save filters and setup alerts for yourself. That way you will get an email with the trigger notifications on the criteria that you setup. 

The next thing that I use Angel.co for in searching for trigger events and research companies is by using the Jobs function. So same type of thing here except you can search by different filters and criteria. You can save searches here as well and setup alerts like you can with the search functionality on the company level. Here is what the Jobs search looks like in Angel.co. 

You can also follow people and companies on Angel.Co so get updates on those companies and those people. 

Here is an example of an email that I got today from AngelList based off of the alerts that I had setup on the companies filters. It shows me new companies added to AngelList in the territories that I work. 

How do you use Angel.co for your sales prospecting and sales research? I think it is a super helpful and useful tool if you are working with startups and selling into startups. I am going to play around more with the recruiting side which I think is what the AngelList Talent thing is. Does anyone know anything else about Angel.co that I am missing or not realizing I can do for sales prospecting and research? I think Angel.co can be a huge asset for sales reps who sell using trigger events. 

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