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Women in Sales: How to Create a Women in Sales Group at Your Company

Posted by Sep 30, 2015 11:56:58 AM Ali Powell

At HubSpot we are working hard on being a great place to work for women in tech. I personally have always been passionate about this subject...because I AM A WOMAN!

Not really that hard of a concept but because...

  • I am a woman
  • I am a woman who works in tech
  • I am also a woman who works in Sales at a tech company

I have always thought that I have learned things about this subject of being a woman in sales and tech. I started writing about my experience as a woman in sales here at HubSpot 5 years ago when I started at HubSpot and I am really glad that I did. I have things to say because I learn things daily in my role. I want to share them with the rest of the women out there so they can learn what it is really like to be a woman working in tech and a woman working in sales in tech. It is important to expose women not in tech and not in sales to the real world of working in tech and in sales. That way hopefully we can get more women working in tech and in sales. 

HubSpot was actually just named as one of the top workplaces for women to work  by Fortune. We have so many remarkable women here who work at HubSpot. I am proud to be one of them and proud to be part of this amazing group! Here is our review of what it is like to be a woman working at HubSpot (in case you are curious and want to work here too). 

Want to Work at HubSpot? Apply for our open jobs here. 

 Okay so back to the article.

Our awesome BDRs (what people at other companies would call business development reps, sales development reps) and our ICC team (inbound call coordinator team) started a group that meets bi-weekly to discuss their job.

These women at HubSpot are our entry level point into sales here. I started as one of the first couple people here in this role as well so I am naturally enthusiastic to see how far we have come as an organization in this area. I love what they are doing and hope other companies will start programs like this in their sales orgs for their entry level sales reps.  It is amazing to see what they are doing and how they are growing this program. I am proud to have started in the BDR role here at HubSpot and worked my way up and through our sales org over the past 5 years. It makes me excited to work here to see how they are trying to learn and grow by having these bi-weekly meetings. 

So what does this group do and how can your company create an entry level sales development program for the women at your company? 

The girls who run that program here at HubSpot are: 

Katherine Morrissey, she is an Associate Inbound Marketing Specialist here at HubSpot. She is the best and sits right in back of me. She is currently wearing UGG slippers at her standup desk. If I snapped a picture of her she might be angry so I won't embarrass her too much today. Maybe another day... 

Elizabeth Bailey, a business development rep on our agency/VAR team. She works with our Partners who resell HubSpot to their clients. She is a rockstar too and is pumped up about exposing more women to what it is like to work in sales here at HubSpot. 

So the concept for this group here at HubSpot is simple. The BDRs and ICC team of women get together bi-weekly and they invite in sales reps and sales managers at HubSpot who are also women to come and talk to them. They have open discussions about their roles and things they have learned. The BDRs and ICCs will ask questions and the person invited will respond and hopefully teach them something. 

I think this concept is pretty straight forward and would love to hear from you all if you have a group or a meeting at your company like this. What kinds of things do you discuss in the meeting? How is it going? Do people show up?

Today I am speaking at the BDR/ICC session and am happy to be doing that. They want me to discuss how I got to where I am in HubSpot and worked my way up, etc. I will write a follow up post on what we went over or maybe have one of them do a guest post on it. 

I would also be curious to know if you believe that separating groups into women only groups like this is a smart and effective thing to do.

I firmly believe that there is a good reason for subsets of groups and discussions for just "women in X." But, I do know that some people differ in opinion and think things like this should be open to both men and women.

My stance on that is in general women have something in common with each other so having subgroups like women BDRs/ICCs sales group is a smart thing to have so those women can talk about things together without men there.

There are plenty of things for both women and men in sales to go to. Why not have groups that are specific to gender? If a man wanted to come I don't see why they can't but from what I have seen usually is that they don't want to come. Women want these kinds of groups (I believe) more than men do and actually show up. At least it seems like that.

What do you think about dividing groups up in certain parts of your company by gender? Do you think it is the right way to do it? Or should the groups be open to the everyone? 

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