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The Role of the BDR or SDR at a High Growth Company & How the Sales Rep Can Support the BDR in the First Few Months 

Posted by Ali Powell on Jul 28, 2015 10:31:38 PM

My experience with BDRs started 5 years ago. I started at HubSpot as one of two of our first BDRs of our company. We are actually both still working at HubSpot. Adrianne and I are below in that photo... Kind of cool, right? Since then HubSpot has grown and grown and grown...(and so have we). 

With that growth has come an actual process that our company has figured out for the hiring of BDRs, training our BDRs, and working with our BDRs to ready them for being a full time sales rep holding a quota.  

I was a BDR myself. For probably a little under a year. Adrianne was promoted before I was. (Fun fact)!

I worked my way up as a BDR at an early stage, high growth,  tech company. In that process I helped shape our BDR program here. 

I was our first BDR Manager at HubSpot. 

I helped to build out the BDR program here at HubSpot and in that process have learned things about how a high growth company should also build out their BDR to Sales rep program.

I have hired BDRs. I have fired BDRs. I have an understanding of what makes a great BDR and what doesn't. 

I have worked one on one with BDRs over the past 4 years or so as a sales rep. I know all of their names and I am friends with them still. I take the responsibility of training a BDR very seriously because I know what good training can do for a BDR as they work their way up a sales organization. 


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