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One Simple Thing that You Can do When You Decide to Work a Lead by Using Mattermark to Follow Trigger Events

Posted by Aug 28, 2015 10:59:39 AM Ali Powell

I was told about this company called Mattermark a month or so ago. Thank you Stacey Bishop for introducing me to this tool. (Stacey is a board member of HubSpot and works at Scale Ventures. 

Well, it was love at first sight... 


I have been in a trial of Mattermark for about a month and really love what I am seeing. The tool seems like it was started as a way for VCs and investors to analyze companies to see if they should invest in them. I have always been a fan of following funding rounds for my job here at HubSpot, so naturally I wanted to see what this cool piece of software could help me to do. 

I am not going to talk about all the awesome features it has. I want to focus on one thing that saves me time as a sales rep. 

When you search a company name in Mattermark you are taken to a page that looks like this: 


The red line that I drew right there is highlighting the feature that I want to talk about in this post. It is the social links.  At HubSpot I cover the silicon valley area. I work mostly with tech, SaaS and software companies. Most of the companies that I work with or want to work with are fast growing and have investment from VCs at some point. I use "trigger events" in my sales process to reach out to companies at the potential right time. 

If you click on the social links section of the Mattermark profile of a company you will see this:


These are hyperlinked to the company's social pages that I would have looked up on my own if I didn't have this tool. This saves me time. The more time I can save in administrative things like this, the more time I have to actually prospect and do my job. To make the $$$. 

When I decide to work a company (start to prospect a company) I will follow them on these tools:

  • Google alerts: I setup a Google alert for the company name and sometimes for the person's name that I am following.
  • Twitter lists: I follow their company on Twitter and sometimes the people in the company that I am prospecting. I have private twitter lists on Twitter that I add the companies I decide to work. That way I can use HubSpot social monitoring tools to follow them. 
  • LinkedIn: I follow the company and save the people that I want to work on Linkedin Sales Navigator. 
  • Angel List: I follow the company on Angel List as well. 
  • Crunchbase: I follow the company on Crunchbase. 

I do these things every single time I decide to work a company. These little administrative things will help me to do my job better in the future (without much work). Just following your leads on those places will enable you to get timely updates from the companies that you are prospecting. The updates from these kinds of tools will enable you to reach out to the companies that you are prospecting in a more timely and relevant manner.

You don't really have to do any work, the updates will just start coming to you. 



Just like that you are a little bit smarter than other sales reps reaching out to the same companies. 


You have set yourself apart from the rest of the sales reps out there. 

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