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How to Get Ahead and Get Promoted as a Woman in Sales Coming up the Ranks: Be Memorable, Be You (ALWAYS)

Posted by Oct 1, 2015 9:13:26 AM Ali Powell

Yesterday at work I was asked to come speak at a meeting with our female group of entry level sales reps. This group of ladies consists of women working in 2 roles here at HubSpot in sales. 

1. The inbound call coordination team.

We call this team the ICC team. They field incoming calls from prospects, they use our chat software on our website to qualify and book meetings. They are the face of HubSpot to any prospect or customer interacting with our website or through phone. They qualify and then direct the person if necessary to the right sales rep internally. 

2. The BDR team.

The business development rep team is a group of people who support the sales reps here at HubSpot. They are the prospecting force here at our company. This role is the stepping stone into becoming a future sales rep on in our sales department. This role is where you learn the skills of sales and become an A+ prospector. You learn the value of great qualification and this role sets you up to become a great sales rep when you are ready for it. 

The women from these 2 groups of our sales team decided they wanted to have their own meeting every other week to discuss their role together. They now meet twice a month and invite guest speakers to come in and talk to them in a discussion like format. 

Yesterday, I was asked to come in to speak with them about my role and learnings here at HubSpot. I started as one of the first BDRs back a little over 5 years ago and have worked my way up to the top sales position we have here at HubSpot in our org structure. The ladies wanted me to come in and talk to them about things that I have learned on the job over the years and just overall woman to woman advice. It is a discussion like format where every introduces their selves and then they ask questions and I answer. Pretty straight forward but so, so, so necessary and helpful for a woman in sales to have this kind of community. 

I thought the questions they asked were really good and deserved to be shared and discussed on your sales teams as well. 

  • Where do you get your confidence from on the phone?
  • How do you relate to a C level person or higher up prospect rather than just calling and reaching out to a lower level influencer? 
  • How do you get taken more seriously in your role?
  • How do you get promoted? Do you ask to get promoted? How do you prove yourself?
  • How do you do research on your leads?
  • How do you prioritize which leads to work everyday?
  • Explain to me how you use trigger events?
  • Why do you think you are so good at what you do?
  • How do I get that good?
  • How do I be more like myself in my job? 
  • What should we do outside of work to help our reputation? To help our personal brand?

The last question is the one that rang through for me. A lot of the questions seemed to create discussions around being yourself. Being who you are, knowing who you are and what you care about in life. I told them that being you is the most important skill you can have in life and in your career. If you can't be you, then what is the point of all of this? 

In sales you must be memorable. To be memorable you cannot be a robot just going about the motions of your job everyday. Just doing a good job at your job function and responsibilities that you have are not enough. If you want to be awesome and work your way up you must have something more. You must be memorable and have something that no one else has. You need to find that one thing that gets you going and focus on it. Find your niche and become really, really good at that one thing. That is what will keep you going and keep you moving up over the years.  

So the lesson here is this...

Be yourself always. Be yourself at work, on the phone while prospecting, in email communication, and in REAL life. The more you act like yourself the better you will do. Don't fake things at work. Don't try to be something you are not.  Be excited about what you are doing and know why you like doing what you are doing. Find your niche in your role. Figure out what you care about and make that part of your role.
Be you, because you are great the way you are.  

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