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Why Women Should Stop Using the Word "Sorry" When Situations Don't Deserve It

Posted by Jun 19, 2014 1:07:29 PM Ali Powell

I apologize all the time. I say sorry a lot in one day. It is already too far into the day for me to start counting so tomorrow I am going to keep a tally on my desk to see how many times I say the word "sorry." There are studies that show women apologize a lot, lot more than men do. We also are not saying sorry for things that deserve an apology. We say sorry for things that don't deserve saying sorry. 

women_need_to_stop_saying_sorry-584703-editedThe word sorry has become a way for women to speak up. You say "sorry" before you want to say something that you have an opinion or thought on. Women compared to men seem to think differently about what might be perceived as offensive to someone else. So instead of not saying it, we say sorry before we are going to say something. 

Proctor and Gamble came out with a commercial that shows women saying "sorry" for things that don't necessarily deserve an apology. The commercial takes a viewer through examples of when women typically say "sorry" and then goes back through the same scenarios but instead of saying "sorry" in those examples they don't that time. 

This video really got me thinking about why I say sorry so much. I have noticed that my boyfriend says things to me like "why are you saying sorry for that? You have no reason to be sorry." I think I use the word "sorry" when I think that what I am going to say might not be correct, might not be right, etc. Instead I should just say my opinion without using "sorry" in the sentence. 

Double dog dare you to count how many times you say "sorry" in one day. Post your results here. Let's put an end to women saying "sorry" for no good reason!



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