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Train for Independence Early in Your Career with Your Significant Other, Life and Love is a Ballet

Posted by Dec 11, 2014 9:55:00 AM Ali Powell

The other day we had Jules Pieri, the founder and CEO of the Grommet in to talk to our women at HubSpot group. It was a lovely talk and she is a great woman to learn from. 

If you want to learn a bit about Jules and also want to know what the Grommet is I would suggest watching this quick video. I hope it inspires you to buy more local designers and shop small from the makers in our  communities. 

She told our group a lot of stories about working her way through her career from the early days up until now starting her current company the Grommet. I wanted to share one piece of advice that she gave the group that I thought was really important and true. 


She talked to the women here at HubSpot about how the choices that you make in your personal life will impact your professional life and your career. She said something else that my boyfriend and I have heard before in talks and actually have conversations about ourselves. I think all couples either married or not married should think about. 

796d0189b6a6f43e6e558a3f4a4b658e-466318-edited"There will be times in your life when your partner's career is more important than yours, then there will times when your career is more important than his." 

Life and love is like a ballet.

There are going to be times when your husband or boyfriend's career is more important and going to take more time, more work than your own.

This is a balancing act that you shouldn't even have to discuss.

It should be something that just happens naturally and that you both see and realize the adjustments that need to be made just from being in each other's lives. Know what is going on in your partner's life and recognize how you need to compromise to make things work better and work in sync for your careers and for your personal lives. 

Be aware of your partner's work and the importance of them being more present with work things than home/personal things at times. Recognize those moments and do more of the at home work, children work, personal work, etc for the family at those times. 

Jules talked about "training for independence."

Train for independence. 

She talked about how in the early days of the relationship you need to train each other for Independence so that as you keep going in your  career and in your life you will be okay being independent at times when the relationship requires this. 

Life really is a ballet of realizing what is important for your personal and professional life while being aware of your partner's at the same time. A partnership means balance of each other's life - professional and personal.

How well do you and your partner balance career and life? 

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