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How My Mother's Selflessness and Determination Taught Me that Women Can Be Whatever They Want to Be and Work Their Way Up

Posted by Ali Powell on May 12, 2014 10:05:14 AM

My mother deserves more than this blog post. I rarely talk about how my mom has influenced me as a person but with Mothers Day yesterday I think she deserves a spot light. My Mom has taught me that any girl, any lady, any woman can be what she wants to be in life. To be successful (whatever that means to you) you need to get out there and do stuff. Get stuff done. Luck happens because you work hard and then your hard work pays off. Be good to people and to yourself and good things will come to you. Hard work is something we are all capable of. The world holds whatever you want to make of it. So get up and start working towards something. If you want to get somewhere in life you need to work towards it. Have your eye on some goal and work towards everyday. 


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