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Spotlight on Women in Tech: Monica Noh, Founder and Designer of Crowd Sourced Womenswear Company, Carte Blanche

Posted by Mar 6, 2014 4:23:36 PM Ali Powell

Carte Blanche is the womenswear company founded by Monica Noh. On Monica Noh's Twitter she describes her company as redefining womenswear with high quality dresses which are crowd sourced and delivered directly to you at their true cost. On her very cool looking website she talks about every piece of clothing being designed with love and intent. She works directly with their factories to cut out the middlemen so effortless chic is no longer out of reach. She is getting ready to debut and open their doors. If you want to sign up for her early access list please go to her site and sign up here.  

If you love instagram as much as I do and want to follow Monica in her journey to launch you should- http://instagram.com/carteblanche_ly.Carte_Blanche_-_redefining_womenswear_with_high_quality_dresses_-_more_women_in_tech-1

Whether we work in tech or not, we're all affected by it: from how we share ideas, consume media, etc. If the decision-making seats in the tech world are filled mostly by men, that leaves half the user population without a voice. Speaking to the fashion industry specifically, it's very difficult to raise funding in fashion and fashion tech. Young fashion brands are especially risky as trends change and taste is subjective, so it's difficult to measure them against the same yardstick as an app or a gadget. Luckily there are alternative funding platforms beginning to emerge like Pave, which invests in talent rather than companies, or Plum Alley, a crowdfunding platform for female-founded companies. For me, tech isn't just about writing code, it's about creating solutions and connection

I really enjoy the freedom to be agile. A lot of concepts from the tech world like bootstrapping and MVP creation cross over easily to other industries and it's even impacted my business model. I want to create a brand that stands for less waste, better quality, and greater transparency, so allowing users to back or pre-purchase the styles they love means we only send the most coveted styles into production and can eliminate mark-ups. I definitely consider myself and my start-up heavily influenced by what's happening in tech, and I've never really had to touch a line of code!

Monica_Noh_-_more_women_in_tech_fashionI founded Carte Blanche, a womenswear brand that uses crowdfunding to create a user-curated selection of high-quality dresses, delivered directly at their true cost. I’m a solo founder so it means I wear pretty much all the hats, which means I spent about 10% of my time designing the collection and the rest has been spent learning the other areas of the business. As much as I enjoy designing, it's been so much fun because it's allowed me to be creative in other ways - from digital media strategy to innovating on the manufacturing process. I just returned to New York after having completed Start-Up Chile, an incubator in Santiago, Chile, where about 20% of the program is comprised of female founders. I felt a tremendous amount of support for female founders from the other participants which surprising in a great way and really encouraging.

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