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Spotlight on 2 Women in Tech- Rachel Decker and Molly Wolfberg, "The UX Sisters, " UX Researchers at HubSpot

Posted by Mar 11, 2014 11:58:00 AM Ali Powell

To help get more women in tech and expose more women to the types of roles that women can have in technology and startups today we are spotlighting 2 of my colleagues here at HubSpot. I don't work directly with them but they have a huge job here at HubSpot to help our product be the best it can be and reflect what our customers want in a marketing platform.

Rachel Decker is a UX Researcher here at HubSpot and Molly Wolfberg is a Usability and Customer Researcher here at HubSpot. These 2 ladies work very closely together on helping to make sure that our product is what our customers really want. I asked them to expose us to what they do everyday here so more women know what it is like to be in user experience roles at a technology company like HubSpot. 

They also started a really cool blog the other day called UX Sisters where they are writing about their journey in UX here at HubSpot. Between the 2 of these fantastic ladies 20 usability tests are run per week. They are learning things in their roles every week and want to share those things they learn with the world. Check out their blog and subscribe to get some great tips from Rachel and MollyUX_Sisters_-_women_in_tech-1

Rachel Decker is a UX Researcher here at HubSpot and she tells us a bit about what it is like to work at a tech company. Rachel_Decker_women_in_tech

I love the freedom to do what I need to do to get my job done and working with all the different teams. We have a great culture and I work with my best friends, so coming to work each day is really fun.

There aren't a ton down here in the product team of HubSpot, and it's always good to have a different perspective and a sense of camaraderie between ladies.

Although I'm not a developer or designer, I work closely with both to help be the voice of the customer when designing our software. I also get to schedule calls with customers to take a look at the new software while it's still in design phase so we can feedback from the people that will eventually be using it.

Molly Wolfberg is a Usability and Customer Researcher here at HubSpot. Molly_Wolfberg_women_in_tech

I enjoy waking up and going to work every day. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

In the scheme of things, modern technology is such a new industry. It needs diversity and different perspectives to continue to grow and change lives.

You can work on the development team without necessarily learning how to code! Being the liaison between the people building software and the people using it is really fun. I get to change our product for the better.

You can follow Molly Wofberg on Twitter @mollywofberg and on linkedin

You can follow Rachel Decker on Twitter @bubbledecker and on linkedin. 



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