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What I Learned from Shiza Shahid of the Malala Fund and How All of Us Have Some Malala In Us that We Need to Let Shine

Posted by Sep 19, 2014 10:51:00 AM Ali Powell



At our annual HubSpot Inbound conference this week I had the opportunity to attend a speech by Shiza Shahid of the Malala Fund. I read the book Malala wrote and really was moved by her story and what she stands for. If you want to read the book you can find it on Amazon here. 

We can all learn from someone like Malala. She is kind. She cares about people and doing things to help make our world a better place. She cares enough to stand up for education. She is thankful for life and wants to make this world a better place. She will not stop at her mission. I ask you to think about your mission in life. We are all here for a reason and we need to remember th../at._nbsp.css;

She had something taken from her at a young age just because she is a woman. When something is taken from you, you learn how much you need it. She feels this way about education for women and would not and does not give up to make it her life's mission to make sure women  can get education they deserve. She fights for women's equality and the right for all women to have access to education. 



So "here I stand" and I ask you to take a stance on something. Fight for something. Make your life matter. Whenver I listen to Malala I get chills. She makes me want to be a better person and do more to make this world a little bit better. I hope you find something powerful in what I have learned from this keynote and from watching videos of Malala speaking. Screen_Shot_2014-09-19_at_10.52.42_AM

  • Speak up for your rights. 

  • If you need to change something or think you should you probably should. You can make changes in our world so if you have a feeling so strong inside of you that you want to make a change go out and try to do it. 

  • You are an ordinary person. We are all just normal people,  but that does not mean you cannot make changes. You have incredible passion inside of you that you need to find. Make change in the world if you think you should. 

  • Chase your passions always. Don't give up. Work on making our world better.

  • Give your children a good education and make choices in your life that will help your children. Lay the ground work for your children to have a great life. 

  • Always look to understand the world around you. Focus on those things and help to make something better for our world. 

  • If you see a problem you should push yourself to learn about it. Learn why that problem exists and learn how to make changes to make that problem better.

  • There is power in being an advocate for something. 

  • Always look beyond the obvious. To understand the world in a different way you need to look past what you see at face value. 

  • Try to bring more peace to our world. 
  • Live a life of curiosity and emphathy. 

  • You have a responsibiliy just by being you and being alive to be curious. 

  • You can change things. You have the power to create change. 

  • Have strong dreams. 

  • Be open to change.

  • Be open to innovation. 

  • Care about something.

  • Be brave. 

  • Strength is importn../at._nbsp.css;

  • Look deep withing yourself and find a source of fear and pledge to be stronger than those fears. 

  • We are Stronger than our apathy.

  • You are Stronger than the status quo.

  • Be stronger than fear.

  • You are stronger than anything you are afraid of.

Remember that forgiveness is powerful. Be peaceful. Love everyone. Realize that there is some kind of light in you. You need to let that light shine. Make a difference somehow in our world. 


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