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#MoreWomeninTech Spotlight: Janna Bastow, Co-Founder of ProdPad with a BackGround in Product Management

Posted by Mar 5, 2014 8:53:06 AM Ali Powell

Janna Bastow is our 2nd women in tech to be highlighted. Just to remind everyone we are running a series of short stories about what types of roles women can have in technology and startups. We want to expose more women not in technology and startups to the types of roles that women can have in our field. Women can have great, rewarding careers in tech and we want to make these jobs and roles known to all women. 

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Technology is something that has the potential to improve every life it touches, and therefore needs to be designed with a huge variation of needs in mind. In order to create tech that's universally useful, the people developing it need to have a deep understanding of the people it touches. A gender balance in tech roles helps to ensure that both genders are being catered to equally, thereby creating more universally useful technology.

Running a startup is both exhilarating and exhausting. While there's tons of feedback and advice out there, it's down to you to determine what you're going to focus on, what you're going to measure, and how you're going to tackle each problem. At the end of the day, seeing measurable improvements as a result of hard work, or great feedback from happy users, is hugely rewarding.

Being an entrepreneur and a startup founder isn't an easy role, regardless of your gender or background. I personally haven't felt held back at all, nor propelled by being a woman in tech. If you're focusing on the right things, your success (and how people perceive you) will be determined by the value of your product and business, not by your gender.

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