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Sales Reps Should Take Responsibility in Creating a Lead Gen Program with Content Marketing

Posted by Apr 17, 2014 9:27:00 AM Ali Powell

As a sales rep I care about one thing. 


Actually, I care about 2 things...
1. Hitting quota
2. Exceeding quota once I have hit my quota. 

Sales Reps need to take their quota into their own hands. Sales people should stop thinking that marketing is going to carry them through the month. You shouldn't expect things from marketing. They are there and are doing their job. But, you shouldn't expect them to be the ones to get you to your quota. You should think of marketing as a nice to have and not a crutch. The moment you start relying on marketing to send you qualified leads is the moment you decided you won't be hitting your quota this month. 

Don't get me wrong. I work at HubSpot where we get like 50k net new leads a month! That is a lot of inbound leads for marketing to send to us sales reps. I am extremely thankful for these inbound leads. I am thankful for marketing supporting my efforts as a sales person. But by NO MEANS do I think I deserve their leads. I don't think that marketing has to provide me with leads and that their leads are the only way I am going to get my job done successfully. That is the wrong way to think as a sales person. Even as a sales rep at the number 1, best inbound marketing company I still don't just think inbound leads is where my deals are going to come from. 

A motivated sales person would never only rely on marketing. You should not put all your eggs in one basket as a sales person.  dont_put_all_your_eggs_in_one_basket

Part of your job as a sales person is to generate leads yourself and generate opportunities that could close into new business. One way you can do this is by taking an active role in content marketing with your company. Today's great sales rep is one who doesn't sit around waiting for someone to give them something (a lead) but rather will take action their selves. If you want to see something happen do it yourself. 

Whether you hit your number is on you. Don't let yourself get crusty by doing the same old thing. Don't rely on others, rely on yourself.  The moment you start relying on other people to help you get there is the moment you have failed yourself as a sales rep. 

One of the easiest, most effective and efficient ways to help your company generate leads is by creating content that speaks to your target audience and speaks to the personas you are going after. 

Your prospects are searching answers to their questions and problems daily. If you want them to find your company and find YOU (better yet), you should start answering their questions and problems in the form of content. 

  • Keep a detailed list of the things that you are seeing people talking about in the sales process. 
  • Set aside 1/2 hour every night before you go home to create a piece of content on that topic.
  • Schedule the post for the coming week multiple times and share it on social media too. 
  • Make sure that you are using best practices for your content creation so that your content is optimized so your prospects can find it. 
  • Use your content you are creating in the sales process to help give yourself a voice and help give yourself some authority. 
  • Make sure you are using CTAs and landing pages on those blog posts so you can get the conversions from your work. 

be_creative_as_a_sales_rep-1The coolest thing about content marketing is that you can directly see the impact your hard work. The ROI of blogging for a sales person is a net new lead or an impacted opportunity from your content. Measure your results and keep track of the ROI of your work. 

How should you start blogging as a sales rep?

You need to ask your company to start a blog. If you need help in getting buy in for starting a blog and using content in the sales process here are some of my favorite pieces of HubSpot content to help you get buy in from your upper management or your boss. These pieces of content will guide you as you start to think about why blogging is important to your organization and to your company's growth. 

6 marketing metrics your boss cares about 

Teach your company to blog with this presentation 

6 Ways to Convince your boss that you need inbound 

How to get your boss on board with inbound marketing 


Blogging and content marketing is one part of a lead gen strategy. 

Blogging and creating content in an optimized way will help you to start getting new visitors on your site but now you need to actually turn those visitors into leads. Turning those visitors into leads takes offers and landing pages which a sales rep (with the right tools) could do on their own. The cool thing about HubSpot's platform is that it allows someone (anyone - whether you are a marketer or a sales rep) to quickly, easily create marketing campaigns (on your own). You won't need to wait on someone to help you, you won't need designers, or coders to help you do this. All you need is your brain and some creativity. 

•57% of marketers who blog monthly acquire customers from their blog.
•82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers from their blog.
DOWNLOAD: Sales Person's Guide  to Starting Marketing 
If you need help understanding how as a sales rep you can take marketing into your own hands please reach out to me. I am here to help you understand how you as a sales rep can do things that marketing can do. I promise you that it is easier than you think. I have been doing this for 3 1/2 years and can show you the results that I see myself as a sales person. If you can put some effort in and are open to learning then you should start thinking of your role as part marketer. Sales people need to start applying what they are learning on the job everyday into a way to create net new leads. I can help you. 
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