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How to Create Detailed Blog Content to Get Found with Google's Hummingbird Algorithm

Posted by Alison Powell on Oct 4, 2013 4:05:00 PM

Prospects are always asking me how at HubSpot we stay on top of the changes that Google makes. SEO is something that takes work and consistency. On top of just putting the time into create quality content that is helpful to your prospective market you need to constantly stay up to date on SEO changes. To do that I would suggest subscribing to HubSpot's blog because even as an employee of HubSpot that is how I do it. You can subscribe to our blog here:


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Inbound Marketing 101: Dare You to Grow Your Startup Organically

Posted by Ali Powell on Aug 12, 2010 9:55:00 AM

As an early stage startup with a small budget (friends and family) you should be thinking about how to grow your newly formed company organically. There are two ways that you are going to convert visitors on your website into leads which will then hopefully turn into paying customers (if you create great and relevant content). When someone searches keywords to find your company they are going to come to two options: paid search results and organic search results.

75% of the time the searcher/potential customer is going to click on the organic search items. How can you get your company to the top of the organic search results to get more traffic to your website? By understanding how to do this, you will ultimately draw potential customers into your website enabling them to give you more information about themselves with good call to action items to lure them in.


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Boston: Home to Powerful WomenPreneurs on Twitter

Posted by Ali Powell on Aug 10, 2010 10:31:00 AM

Twitter Grader HubSpotTwitter has proved as a powerful platform for promoting content. It has also proved as a way to build your following, gain supporters and has created a way to enhance your overall brand. Most businesses have seen or are starting to see the value in promoting  work through social media outlets. As you start to become proficient in the Twitter world you will start to gage the players in your industry or in your geographic region that you would like to be connected with.

Most of the women CEO's or players in Boston and Cambridge have Twitter accounts and use them regularly. Twitter is the one step in the inbound marketing equation that will help you to promote your company, yourself, and your overall brand messages to a targeted audience. Whether you would like to promote your blog post, a white paper, a webinar or someone else's content that you are supporting, Twitter is the answer. Twitter is the means to establishing your credibility and reliability in your industry as well as with your potential new followers. 

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Start to Blog Before Launching Your Company

Posted by Ali Powell on Aug 8, 2010 6:16:00 PM

describe the imageThe best thing that you can do before you start your company is to create content that your potential and future customers will relate to and want to read about. Once you start to create these wonderful pieces and push them out through means of social media you will gain a following of people who will join you once you start your company. Each time I meet a fellow entrepreneur or womenpreneur they ask me what to start blogging about. I start by asking them a few questions:


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