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How to Become a #socialCEO & How Social Media Prospecting Will Help your Sales Reps to Sell More

Posted by May 8, 2014 9:44:00 AM Ali Powell

Our CEO, Brian Halligan gave a webinar yesterday about the changing role of the CEO. I wanted to share some of his words of advice to all you leaders and entrepreneurs following my blog so you can start to encourage these behaviors at your own company. If you are a CEO, have a CEO or want to be a CEO these can impact you or that CEO in your life. Share the wisdom with your network!  

If you want to check out other content or tweets around this webinar you should search #socialCEO.

fashionable_business_womanWhat is a modern CEO? What is a Social CEO? 

Think Richard Branson. He is active on the blogsphere, he is active on social media. There is a blurring of the lines in the CEO's brand and the company's brand. Your brand of your CEO and your brand of your company should overlap. 

You as a CEO need to have a personality and be the voice of your company. You should be active in social media and have a voice. 

B2B CEOs, what is the deal with social for them?

Today's CEO should be a sales person for the company. The social CEO should communicate with the marketplace. A social CEO should not be sitting by theirselves and not talking to the team. You need to talk to your team. Talk to your prospects, talk to your customers. People who are looking at buying something from your company want to know that the CEO of the company they might work with is a real human being. 

  • People who buy your product want to know that you are a real person.

  • They want to know that they can talk to you about their implementation.

  • They are influenced by you. 

  • Your voice will influence the sales process. Help your sales reps by being an engaging and human CEO.

How do you become a more social CEO?

  • Make sure that you have a bio out there so prospects can learn from you. 

  • Enable your customers and prospects to interact with you on social media. Be available for when your sales reps prospects have questions and want to reach out to the sales rep and not the rep. 

  • Have your own blog and voice on your personal blog or company blog so that your prospects can hear from you.

Social CEO's  Need to be Ninjas at certain parts of your company's web presencesocial_CEO-1.

You need to be a NINJA on

  • Twitter 

  • Linkedin 

  • Google and your website 

Steps you can take to be a more #SocialCEO

1. Search for yourself on Google. 

  • What comes up?

  • Do you see anything you don't like?

  • What are the search results and how can this help or not help your company? 

  • Make sure that your bio page on your company website shows up. You also need to make sure that your Twitter account page comes up as well as your Linkedin profile coming up. People will want to look at those things to make sure they know who you are. 

2. Search your company and CEO name.

Same thing, make sure you are at the top of the list. 

3. If you are not at the top of the lists on these searches you need to take some actions to help you get higher up there on the search results. 

  • You should have a clickable link to the bio page of that person. Make sure there is a close up picture of you so people can remember you and then talk about what you are into personally. Give a little bit of yourself on there so your prospects and customers can see a little bit about what you are about outside of being the CEO.

  • Make sure that you have links to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles there too so people can directly go to them without having to search them their selves. 

linkedin_company_page_for_sales_reps4. What does your linkedin page look like?

  • Go through the Linkedin steps to complete your profile

  • follow groups and follow companies 

  • Get some recommendations from people you know and people who know you 

  • Have 500 plus connections...

  • This is your public view of who you are so you need to make sure you have everything setup correctly

  • Make sure your linkedIn URL is setup correctly with your name there 

  • Link to articles you have written

  • Are you on any boards

  • What groups are you in 

This is where people who are in the sales process with your sales reps are going to go to see what you are all about. It is a trust factor and a human factor. Come off human and real. Make sure everything is done and updated. 

5. LinkedIn Connections 

  • Be promiscuous. Let everyone in unless it was someone that is really not someone you want to connect with. 

  • Linkedin is changing and linkedin connections are going to become more and more valuable. Make sure you are letting people in on the inbound side. 

  • If you meet investors or clients, you should connect with all of those people on linkedin. 

  • You want to be able to influence people on linkedin through the connections that you have. 

6. Use your LinkedIn steam to become a more engaging CEO.

  • Go through your stream and respond to things. 

  • Market articles. 

  • Follow your potential investors and follow your customers so that you can engage with their content. 

  • This will help you influence the way that they think. 

LinkedIn allows you to blog on the platform so in the next few years this will become more and more important. You can write short blog posts and post them on linkedin. This will help give you a good investment on your time spent there. 

7. What you need to do to be a good CEO on Twitter. 

Bare minimum-  you need to be on there. If you don't want to tweet, fine but you need to at least be on there. If a prospect searches your name on Twitter that means that you are closed off from your customers and prospects. You need to be on there and you need to make sure your profile is setup correctly so people can reach you and learn about you. 

what_is_a_socialCEOGet your Twitter profile setup correctly. 

  • Get your background setup the way you want. 

  • Let your background show a bit about your personality.

  • Make sure you have a close up picture. 

  • Get a bio up there. 

Start connecting with people on Twitter. 

  • You should not block anyone from connecting with you on Twitter. 

  • If you block people you will send a negative message to that person. 

  • Make sure that your CEO of your company knows that you need to use Twitter as a way to connect with people.

  • Be aggressive on how you connect with people on Twitter. 

Who do you follow on Twitter

  • If you use HubSpot social media tools you can follow different lists in HubSpot social tools so you can interact with those people. 

  • Follow leads, follow customers, etc and respond to those people. 

  • You can learn about our social media tools here if you want to

 Now get to work convincing your CEO that they need to be on Twitter and LinkedIn. Their presence on soical media will help you to sell more as a sales rep too. 






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