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Getting Called Bitch Means I'm Doing Something Right (in business)

Posted by Dec 12, 2014 10:20:37 AM Ali Powell

"Because the harder I work, the harder I get to play" 
"My time is money"
"she is really talented, but comes on too strong" 
This is a parody on Meghan Trainor's song that she came out that was bursting with feminism nad optimism for women.
being a woman in business - does that mean women are bitches
This parody of her song and video makes me think about if women in business are really always seen at bitches. I don't agree with that completley but also can see how there are moments where people might think women in business could be bitchy. 
I would maybe use words like:
Right (correct)?
Knows what she wants
Trying to be the best she can be 
Just doing a good job at her work? 

I feel like using the word "bitch" just makes women in business sound bad. I feel like this takes a step back for women working hard to make their work known and respected. I do think that a video like this can cause views and cause talk which is always a good thing. So regardless of if I agree with the message it did make me think and it did obviously get me to talk about it. I like posts, videos, etc that cause controversy in the women in business/women in tech space because any eyes on it is a good thing. 

What are your thoughts on this parody video vs. the real one that Meghan Trainor made? 
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