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Let's Stop Talking and Writing about the Same Things as Women in Technology. We need more innovative thinking and more new ideas for Posts on #WomeninTech!

Posted by Mar 13, 2014 11:06:12 AM Ali Powell

It seems like all the blog posts and articles written about women in the workforce or women in technology all have similar messages. My first annoyance with this was when everyone started writing about how we needed more women in technology but only were focusing on jobs where women were developers, coders, engineers. So I started an initiative around spotlighting women in tech and women in startups to help expose women outside of tech and startups to the types of roles that women do have and can have in technology. This initiative is called #morewomenintech. Recently I have seen that more and more blogs posts and articles are coming out with the same concept that I started. I am happy about that. That means I was on to something and thought of something different. It is good to see NPR (for example) doing their own posts and stories about helping to spotlight women in technology and startups to expose more women to those types of jobs. expose_more_women_to_tech

What I don't understand though is why bloggers, media, etc aren't coming up with their own ideas. Stop writing about the same things, stop writing about the same concepts and ideas that everyone else is writing about. I want to hear something new and I bet the women out there do too. The reason people in general follow blogs, go on Twitter, read articles, etc is to learn new things and hear new ideas. When I follow the hashtag or keywords "women in tech" on Twitter I constantly see the same posts rolling through there. If you are so excited to be a woman in tech start having your own voice and put it out there. It will help get other women excited and help us all to expose new ideas and stories about our lives to other women to inspire them to share as well. 


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Let's get more women knowing more about women in tech by exposing them to new ideas and jobs of women in tech!