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Marketing Automation is Not What Everyone is Telling You That it is. If You Want Automated Marketing Processes, then you Need HubSpot.

Posted by Feb 26, 2014 12:51:26 PM Ali Powell

Marketers are always telling me that they need marketing automation. I hear things like this every day:

  • I need marketing automation software. 
  • We need to do marketing automation to get more leads. 

marketing_automation_customer_satisfaction_is_hubspotThe definition of marketing automation is not what marketers think that it is. Marketing automation in the way that a marketer thinks that it is or what they hope it is, is in fact the opposite of what they usually think it is. 

You probably think that marketing automation means automating your marketing efforts. That would make sense right? Except what the marketing space and marketing software companies out there are teaching the world is not that. So marketers are confused and will remain confused unless we start to educate them on what it really means. Marketers say they need marketing automation because when you say those two words it sounds like what they really would want. It would make sense that marketers want to automate some of their marketing efforts but when you go to a "marketing automation" company you are only getting a point solution. Marketing automation is one part of your marketing not all of it. We should change the definition to be one that better reflects an integrated toolset to help a marketer do their job better. 

We need to change the meaning of marketing automation to be one of what it really means to a marketer. Marketing automation should mean automating some of your marketing or making a marketers job easier and more efficient. It should be the process of using a platform of tools to do your job and execute on your marketing efforts better than it would be if you were doing it on your own or with many different point tools. 

So when you ask for marketing automation tools this is what you actually are asking for:

  • You want a tool that will help you segment your database.
  • From there you want to use those segments to market to people in different ways through email marketing tracks or branches. 
  • Some things that go into being able to do this type of email marketing are landing pages, emails, lead intelligence, segmentation tools and tools to put people into a lead nurturing series based on conditions that they fit. 

what_is_marketing_automationMarketers need to be warned that marketing automation is only one part of your marketing effort. Marketing automation is one thing you can do with your marketing funnel. It is not everything. So when you are looking for a marketing software be aware of what you are really wanting to do with your marketing efforts. 

There are many point solution tools out there in the world that exist. There are tools to help you with all parts of your marketing and sales funnel. You can either piece them all together by buying many different tools or softwares or you could just use one platform to do all of it. 

I fortunately work at a software company where we envision a world where a marketers job is easier to do with software. A marketers job wouldn't consist of doing many different things or steps of a campaign in many different tools. Instead you would just do your job in one place in one software

That day is here. We are helping thousands of companies to do that right now. When you start to assess marketing software or marketing tools be aware of what you really want help with.  If you are looking for software to connect all of your marketing strategies that your marketing team or marketer is doing on a daily basis then you should use HubSpot. Without a doubt. 

After doing this for 3 1/2 years it is clear to me that we have an amazing product and we are doing so much right. We are working hard as a company to get HubSpot into small and medium sized businesses hands so they can do their job easier and more effectively to help their company to grow. 

If you want to know the secret to picking a marketing software for your company I would ask yourself one question.

Do you find value in using point solutions or would you find value in doing everything in one integrated way where all your marketing tools are working together to help you generate leads?

It is that simple. HubSpot can do everything you need it to do as a marketer. From top of the funnel tools, middle of the funnel tools and analytics. If you really do want help with all aspects of your marketing funnel then you should use HubSpot. 

We are a platform of marketing tools, not a point application or tool. If you want help with all aspects of your marketing then you should learn about inbound marketing. 

If you don't believe me look at a report that VentureBeat did on the "marketing automation" space so you can see what their diagnosis of the space is.

HubSpot is all about inbound marketing which means enhancing the way you market at all parts of your funnel. That means that our software has all of the tools you would need to execute on an inbound marketing strategy. The way people buy today matches how HubSpot works and our methodology. If you want to match the way people buy today then you should do inbound marketing in an integrated way. 



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