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Do you Hate Cold Emailing and Cold Prospecting? Here is how you can get better at it

Posted by Nov 19, 2014 3:33:06 PM Ali Powell

I went to a webinar today in between calls today on cold emailing. The guy who put on the webinar writes and talks about how to get through email.  He knows how to do cold emails (from what I read before the webinar) and so I decided to spend the hour blocked off and listening to his webinar to see what I could learn. 

I think of myself as a cold caller, cold sourcer, cold researcher. I like cold outreach. But, the more I think about it I guess I don't cold outreach or cold prospect at all (in the traditional sense).  I do lots of research to make sure that I am reaching out to someone who would likely have some reason to want to talk to me. Screen_Shot_2014-11-19_at_2.10.23_PM

A lot of people hate cold calling. Why wouldn't you? It is not fun to have someone pick up the phone and hang up on you. So, I know for me four years ago when I started to make outbound calls to setup meetings I thought to myself why the heck would I just pick up the phone and call someone without knowing anything about the person and what they might care about. So I have perfected this over the past 4 1/2 years. I don't call any old lead without a reason to call them. I work leads if there is a reason to work them. You want to pick the leads that you want to work because you have a reason to. Call on people and prospect people who you know have a  timely reason to maybe want to talk to you. If you do research you will find these people. 

2 factors should go into deciding who and why to reach out to companies in sales prospecting. 

1. What does your company solve for and what are you selling? If you understand your value proposition then you should be able to ask yourself this question and use this answer to start to figure out who are the right types of companies you should be reaching out to and what makes them want to talk to you. 

2. Why would someone want to talk to you and want to use your product? Use that to come up with the triggers or reasons why a company would have a need for what you do. Start reaching out to those people. 

Screen_Shot_2014-11-19_at_2.35.27_PMThese guidelines are for companies and sales people are selling B2B and for companies who want to work on personalized outreach. I have always thought that it was just common sense to do research on a lead or a domain you are working. Why would you just pick up the phone and say the same thing to every person that you call? That makes absolutely no sense to me and never has. I guess just that thinking in general is different than most traditional sales people who do prospecting. Most prospecting sales reps think they need to call as many people as possible to get the amount of opps and deals that they need to hit quota. I understand this. It is math. The more you dial and the more people you reach out to the better chance you have of getting through to one of them and getting a yes. I think if you combine this mentality along with research you will set yourself up for higher success rates. 

So how do you break through the email in your sales prospecting? This is the first part of opening up your chances to starting a sales process. 

1. You hold the keys to who you might work with.  So pick your leads wisely. 

  • If you do sourcing yourself you pick the lead/company for a reason. 
  • Make sure you pick a lead or a company that you want to work for a reason. The reason you should source a lead is because you have an idea as to how and why you might be able to help them with something. 
  • You pick the types of companies you are going to work. 
  • Everyone can do it. If you use your brain and understand what your value is to a company then you can easily start to do cold outreach. 

 2. When you cold call they could be there or they could not be there. More often than not they are not there and they are doing something else.

  • If the person does pick up they are going to pick up and they don't know you. 
  • That person who picks up the phone has no clue who you are so remember to have what you want to say ready to go. 
  • Make sure you tell them why you are calling and respect their tone on the other end of the phone. 
  • If it is not a good time to call then ask questions quickly and respect their time to get to the next step in your prospecting process. 

3. The benefits of cold emailing is that you can do a lot more of these than you can by picking up the phone. 

  • I still suggest doing research and writing your own emails. 
  • I don't use templates but I know that some people do. I would play around with email templates or writing your own custom emails. 
  • My thought process of using customized emails is that you have put thought into the email and that will show compared to all the other emails that they are getting. 

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