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Gen Y: Emotion will Dominate Your Brand. We Will Sell For You.

Posted by Oct 7, 2010 7:42:00 AM Ali Powell

TheNextGreatGeneration.com and Mullen- FutureMGen Y is defined as the Millennial Generation, the Next Great Generation. We follow next in line after generation X, the baby boomers otherwise known as our parents. One thing is for sure, we do not engage the same way in terms of buying. Gen Y consists of the US born between the years of 1976 and 2000. We are the generation born from the Internet and have created a new and wildly explosive way of engaging with our beloved and up-and-coming brands. Gen Y has demanded marketers’ attention because we hold the key to consumer behavior.

As a whole we are creating content for free about your brand becayse we want to be heard in all ways possible. We willingly justify our opinions for free because we care and for some reason we want to share this feeling with our friends. As Edward Boches put it at the Future M panel, How Gen Y Will Affect the Future of Marketing, Or You’re Screwed If You Don’t Get With the Program, “You tell your friends about a brand because you like your friends.” If we feel connected to your brand it is probably because your brand has listened and has done something interesting to engage with us to create a community where our voice can be heard. Where we are somehow making an impact.

Thank you FutureM and Mullen for putting together such a killer panel that stemmed much needed conversation with Moderator, Edward Boches, Mullen; Speakers: Matt Britton - CEO, Mr. Youth; Matt Lauzon, Founder and President, Gemvara; Chris Mahl - SVP Marketing, SCVNGR; Alex Pearlman - Editor in Chief, thenextgreatgeneration.com.GenY BUY 

What you can learn from Gen Y in terms of Marketing.

o We are content creators.

o We will create content for free and market your products for free- word of mouth and word of Internet is what we do best. RT is part of our vocabulary.

o As a company that wants our input you should create new ways to engage with us on a consistent basis.

o The consumer should be top of mind. Put the customer into the whole process. Customization. Feedback.

o Can you organize our voices in a way that fuels curiosity? How will you easily magnetize us to want to participate?

o Allow other brands to activate a larger community with you.

o Help us win. You will win.

o If you market your products to us the rest will follow.

o How are you mobilizing the fact that my friends mean more to you than your brand?

o Allow your consumers to connect with one another and allow your brand (your employees) to connect with us.

o We want to and like to make new friends in fun ways, hence the social check in from Scvngr. We have an innate want and need to create awesome moments together that will last forever.

o Build upon your radar- listen across many different platforms, use focus groups and build a large enough community to do your work for you.

o We want to watch, read and buy what we want. We do not want you telling us.

o If you do not care about transparency you will be lost in the competition.

o Stimulate your audience to be a media outlet for you.

o We pay for products and services that resonate for us and justify a feeling. Allow us to feel better about ourselves.

What is your company doing to stimulate genY? How is your marketing department engaging and communicating with us?

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