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SoWa Open Market Enables Boston WomenPreneurs to Expand their Customer Base

Posted by Jul 27, 2010 12:49:00 AM Ali Powell

SoWa Open Markets BostonSoWa Open Market, Boston's original outdoor art and indie design market takes place every Saturday and Sunday in the South End from 10 AM to 5 PM. Artists, designers and overall entrepreneurs are found displaying their goods and expanding their overall presence. SoWa Open Market is allowing for the public to come view company merchandise while inter-mingling with owners and other shoppers with a similar mindset. This type of shopping experience generates a unique value proposition for current and potential customers. The entrepreneurs display their products which range from food items to baby products to vintage jewelry and restored furniture.

Entrepreneurship at the heart of it. Every man and women out for theirselves while instilling a sense of organized community. Most vendor stations sit underneath white umbrellas where the browsing shopper can speak with the owners and creators of the products on sale. The consumer can ask the questions that they will need to know before buying the products. A relaxing, yet satisfying way for entrepreneurs to connect in person with their customer base.

We live in the age of real-time web. Companies who are vendors of the Sowa Open Market are growing their business with a mix of old school marketing combined with today's world of blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Boston WomenPreneurs were tweeting out to their audience and we were able to visit some of the booths due to these tweets. High five to those using Twitter, Facebook and blogs- if you aren't on that wagon, jump on and jump on before next weekend. The real-time web is alive and moving faster than your neighboring vendor using solely outbound methods. To enable your business to grow, join in on the online fun. SoWa Open Markets is creating a bridge of connectedness to help grow small businesses through the elements of in-person review and experience combined with online presence.

We caught up with a few Boston WomenPreneurs to hear what they thought about being a WomenPreneur and what WomenPreneurship means to them.

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                                                                Carol Silva, Owner of Timeless Settings


Meghan Bergstrom

                                           Meghan Bergstrom, Owner of Little Green Bags

"I have always loved to create things, I wanted to be able to spend time with my children. I am able to do that with my business and be with my children now. I love doing this."

Melissa Masello and Amy Chase

                                                                  Amy Chase, (Punky Style) and Melissa Massello, Co-Founders of The Swapaholics

Melissa Massello: "Other than any other job, the highs are much higher and the lows are much lower. At the end of the day it was all yours. There is something so rewarding about that. Whether it was due from your work or the team's, it was the team that you built."

Amy Chase: "I remember hearing a quote from someone that entrepreneurs are just juvenile delinquents with a business plan. There were no other businesses like mine out there, so I had to do it."

Together in Unison: "You can drink when you want to. You set ambitious goals and when you reach those goals you celebrate really hard!"

Kim Gonzaga, Stella Marie Soap Company

                                                                 Kim Gonzaga, Owner of Stella Marie Soap Company

"For me it's not about this mentality that at the end it will grow into this huge company. It is about the journey, the great things that happen along the way, the things that I never would have done and the relationships that have forged along the way."

Cindy Jacobs and Holly Jacobs, Best Damn Granola

                                                                       Cindy Jacobs and Holly Jacobs, Mother/Daughter team of The Best Damn Granola

Cindy Jacobs: "The freedom to be my own person."

Holly Jacobs: "It feels good to be independent, open-minded, creative and making a place for myself in the world. That is really inspiring for me and for other people."

Let us know if you are a vendor @SoWaOpenMarket because we want to swing by and see what you are up to! Keep us informed in the comments section below.

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