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A True WomenPreneur, Tory Burch Opens Up about Lessons Learned in Scaling a Successful Company

Posted by Jun 17, 2014 11:53:11 AM Ali Powell

Tory Burch was named to the Forbes List of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women. Today I saw a video on Forbes from a talk she gave about her success. She offers some lessons to other WomenPreneurs who want to follow in her footsteps. You can watch the video above. Below are my takeaways from her advice that she gives in the video. Tory Burch is a WomenPreneur at heart and at soul. I love watching what her company does and really think that it shows how much she cares whenever I see her talk or read about her. tory_burch_is_a_womenpreneur-159894-edited

  1. Buckle up. This will be a lot of work

  2. You need a unique vision to make something extraordinary.

  3. Cherish your family and remember they are you life.

  4. Build a great team. Be able to spot good people. They are your second family so make sure you pick the best people you can. Pick people who are better than you to work with.

  5. Success is about happiness. It is about feeling good about what you are contributing to the world. 

  6. Never sit back and saw oh wow, look at this. Always be thinking about how to move forward and evolve. Stay modern and think about how to do better ALWAYS.

  7. Power is the ability to create change. Power comes to those who want to create change and who want to give back. Have a social consciousness and make sure you share that with your employees and customers. When you have the ability to make changes in the world you should use it.

  8. Use your company as a platform. Every decision you make should be seen through the lens of is this good for our company. Make sure you think about the good of the company when you are making your decisions. 

You can read the article Forbes posted on Tory Burch and the lessons she wants to share with other women entrepreneurs here

What are your takeaways from watching Tory Burch talk about her successes and how she got to where she is with a successful company today? 

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